Compare And Contrast Ten Things I Hate About You And The Taming Of The Shrew

Both Franco Zeffirelli 's 1967 romantic comedy,The Taming of The Shrew, and Gil Junger’s 1999 classic, Ten Things I Hate About You, are based on a shakespearian play, The Taming Of The Shrew. The 1967 film shares a name with the original play, and is based in the Elizabethan Era and the destination the original play takes place, Padua. Similarly, the modern take on the play is a high school cliche, set in Padua High School. Both films are most often viewed as the tale of two lovers, but are argued to be far more misogynistic than liberating. I do not believe either of these to be the whole truth, but elements of both apply to the two films. Neither Ten Things I Hate About You and The Taming Of The Shrew can be labeled singularly as misogyny …show more content…
He forces her into their relationship, later forcing marriage upon her and valuing his own well being above hers. Petruchio forces her around, confusing her and messing with her feelings. He reciprocates everything she does, being nice to her when she’s mad and treating her horribly when she makes an attempt to be nice. Katherina’s strong feminist beliefs are what makes their relationship so difficult, and she completely refuses to feel anything for Petruchio. Later in the film, Katherina finally gives in to Petruchio. She tends to his every need, doing everything a womanly figure in the Elizabethan era should be.

10 things i hate about you is what i believe to be a more liberating and modern take on the original play. Kat and Patrick seem to be lost, both desperately in search of something bigger. Kat is suggested at her introduction in the film to be an outcast, a feminist and a strong believer in the willpower of women and described as a “heinous bitch”. The first scene of the film shows Kat in her car, pulling up next to a group of teenage girls in their convertible, “I don’t give a damn ‘bout my bad reputation” blasting through Kat’s speakers and becoming the backing track for the first scene of the
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I believe the original play shows the way women were treated in Elizabethan times, and almost makes fun of it. The 1960s film is related closer to the play, since it is based in Padua where the original play was set, but I believe is far more serious than the original play is. The way i saw it, both films had their own spin on the play. Zeffirelli’s version of the film takes a far more serious notion on the film, but the 1999 high school cliche is exactly that, a modern high school cliche. With their difference in time period, both male characters seem to act the same way initially. Both are stubborn and demanding, only chasing the girl to get the money. Neither Petruchio nor Patrick seems to actually care about Katerina/ Kat, which changes once they properly get to know her. As both stories progress, a deeper meaning and feeling grows between Petruchio/Patrick and the shrew, Katherine/Kat. Both men find a soft spot in their heart for the girl who is just as stubborn and independent as he, a challenge the two men enjoy. It seems it’s all about the chase for them, all about getting the girl for the money. What both characters lack at the beginning of the film in love and compassion, they make up for in the latter parts. Compared to Petruchio, patrick is far more troublesome, but charming at the same time. He has a stronger will to be with

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