Compare And Contrast Plymouth And Jamestown

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Plymouth, a Colony to be Remembered
In the 1600’s, England was settling in what is now known as North America. They came for political and economical reasons with the intent to colonize. England had two settlements in the New World, Plymouth and Jamestown, that were particularly successful in their own ways. But, overall, which one was more successful? If success means achieving the goal they had set before them, than Plymouth was the more successful colony because of the choice of settlers who came to colonize, the relations these settlers had with the Natives who lived on this land, and the government and unity among the settlers that came.
Plymouth would not be the more successful colony if it weren’t for the choice in settlers who came.
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Now, obviously there was going to be contention for both of these colonies. But, the thing is that Plymouth got repaid for the contention that we know of with the Natives while Jamestown did not. In Plymouth document D lines 3-6 this repayment is shown. It says, “... and it was then agreed that he should pay the colony a certain sum of money, in part of their damage and charge by him occasioned; and he then not only renewed his ancient covenant of friendship with them; but made himself and his people absolute subjects to our Sovereign Lord King Charles the Second…” Basically what this quote is saying is that after conflict that they had with the Native Americans, they were repaid. This was not the case with what I know of for Jamestown. In the notes sheet I was given, it talks about Bacon’s rebellion. That was contention between the settlers and the Natives and it ended up in flames. Literally. Jamestown was burned and the were never paid back for that battle. Other than just the point of being paid back, there is the point of loyalty and friendship. There were many Native Americans who were very faithful to the settlers of Plymouth. One of these was Squanto, who helped them to survive by teaching them many things and helping them to establish a good relationship with the local Native American chief and tribe. Another one of these was Sassamon. In Plymouth …show more content…
Plymouth settlers were more prepared, didn’t have as severe consequences of conflict with Natives, and they were connected together selflessly for the good of all. Because of those three things, Plymouth was able to thrive and is something that we still remember today, hundreds of years

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