Compare And Contrast Percy Bysshe Shelley And William Wordsworth

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Romanticism brought fame to many of the poets read about in English classes today. This genre’s illumination of the imagination and display of the strength of nature was much different from many of the other works of literature written before this time. This time of revolutions was causing a lot of change in England and Romantic poet’s focus on nature seemed to be an attempt to ground the wondering minds and remind everyone about the beauty of nature. Two well-known romantic poets were Percy Bysshe Shelley and William Wordsworth. Percy Bysshe Shelley and Williams Wordsworth both use similar literary devices and focus on nature in their poems, but they convey different themes and have a different tone towards the same subject. Percy Bysshe …show more content…
Shelley’s rebellious tone towards the English government in his poem To the Men of England is very different from Wordsworth’s conservative tone when he wrote The World is Too Much For Us: Late and Soon. Shelley writes, “The seed ye sow another reaps;” and he uses this to stir the emotions of those who are complying with the many demands of the rulers of this time. He accuses them of digging their own graves by allowing this power over them and does not understand why they are not more dissatisfied with their treatment. Wordsworth writes in his poem “we lay waste our powers” and by this he means we spend our efforts going after things that mean nothing such as money and power. He encourages people to look to nature for happiness and not worry about who is in power and whether or not they are making a lot of money. He seems to say that people should not be so unsatisfied when they are surrounded by the beauty of nature. These poets are conveying very different messages because they have a different tone towards the idea of happiness. Shelley wants people to recognize injustice and go to action against their oppression whereas Wordsworth seems to tell everyone that those topics should not matter as much because we are surrounded by a very peaceful beautiful world. These different messages are likely due to the difference in the political beliefs of each of these poets that came from the many revolutions going on in this

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