Compare And Contrast Out Of Africa Theory Vs Multiregional Theory

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Evolution is the process where a species undergoes changes in traits over time to become a more complex and more adapted life form. The Out of Africa theory is possibly the most favoured evolutionary theory due to it's increasingly substantial evidence. This theory suggests that there were two colonisations of the world, the first being approximately 100,000 years ago when Homo erectus first migrated out of Africa and evolved separately creating three major species in different areas of the world, Homo sapiens, erectus and neanderthalensis. It is then thought the group of Homo erectus still located in Africa evolved into Homo sapiens and began the second colonisation where they began replacing the other species possibly due to ‘survival of the fittest’. In opposition the Multiregional theory was first proposed in 1984 lead by Milford Wolpoff. The Multiregional theory is based upon the idea that Homo erectus exited Africa approximately one …show more content…
There are many types of evidence used throughout studies to discover where we first originated from these can include; palaeontology studies, geographical distribution, comparative anatomy. The two contrasting theories both present well evidenced arguments, however through the process of analysing the similarities and differences it is evident that the Out of Africa theory is far superior to the Multiregional theory at this point in time. While it it understood that the evolutionary debate may never be solved, more conclusive evidence and analysis must be completed to reach a better understanding regarding where we come from and how we evolved. At this time the evidence and simply the argument for the Out of Africa theory is more believable and more supported as to how modern humans came to

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