Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage

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Love and romance notions are found in every culture all over the world. These ideas, attitudes, and behaviors are shaped through a individuals culture and experience. However similarities and differences can be detected in each society. In the American culture individuals are taught to value personal choice and individualism through companionship. Marriage is viewed as personal fulfillment rather than obligation to one another. In India their is strong emphasis on family unity, tradition, and gender role associated with companionship. Love and romance are universal terms, however the meaning differs between the East and West.

Dating is a process in which two individuals develop an intimate relationship. In India and the United States both
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In India and The United States marriage is considered a sacred relationship between a man and a woman. In India there are two types of marriages; love marriages and arranged marriages. Arrange marriages are a union between two individuals which is preselected by the couple families rather than by each other. Arrange marriages are becoming less popular in contemporary and urban India. However arrange marriages are still practiced within India 's rural areas. Arrange marriages first began as a solution to control unity among the wealthy and poor. The couple was matched based on same caste, religion, race, background, and financial status. In India, marriage is not only about combining two individuals, but also combining two families. In the Indiana community family is very important and the blessing of the family members is still sought after. India 's society became more enlightened and love marriages became socially acceptable. Love marriages are a term used to describe a union that was consented by the couples. Weather a arrange marriage or a love marriage, Hindu religion teaches marriage as being an important duty between a man and women. Divorce is highly discouraged. Marriage is a spiritual connection and extends over seven reincarnated lifespans. To some American 's having arranged marriages is a controversial topic. American 's believe having freedom of choice with any life decision and not being told what decision to make is morally wrong. American 's encouraged culture diversity and mobility with marriage. Some American 's believe this is what makes the couple unique and interesting. American 's also believe "love conquers all" meaning love overcomes all obstacles, no matter the differences between the couple. Love is the unbreakable force that connects a couple together. Indiana 's and Americans both have different approaches to marriage, however each culture

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