Compare And Contrast Dee And Everyday Use Short Story

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At some point in our life’s we come across our parents judgments when we get married to a certain someone we chose or simply choosing to live a different life than what we were raised in. In the two short stories “Everyday use” and “Marriage is a private affair” we come across those similar situations where the grown child takes his or her decisions in life without their parent approval. I will compare and contrast those two short stories and show you the similarities between them.
As we read in the story “Marriage is a private affair” a father has plan a surprise for his son named Nnaemeka to give him the best wife he could possibly find, only to be at his likings and not Nnaemeka. What the father doesn’t know is that Nnaemeka already found
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One of the daughters named is Dee. Dee was a young woman who went to college and found herself in a way that she knew what she wanted to become in the future. She even changed her name to sound more African-American as she was raised in a white family. Throughout the story we can see that Dee completely forgets the way she was raised, who her family is and what her culture is about. Now on the other hand the second daughter, Maggie is more the shy one and always more close to her mom compare to Dee who knows what she wants. Maggie stayed home with her mother and lived this shelter lifestyle, as she always believed her sister to be better than her in a matter of looks and knowledge. In the end we see the mom completely confused and doesn’t understand Dee anymore as to why she chooses this different life instead the one she’s been though. We read that the mother chooses to give the quilts to Maggie as she knows that she’ll wear them as an honor of her culture and not for decoration like Dee …show more content…
This gap is what creates this barrier between the child and the parent. It is up to the parent to acknowledge his child views on their future. Unlike in the story “Marriage is a private Affair” the mom accept Maggie more than Dee and chooses her for the family treasure. The reason for this was because Dee came home only for the materials and not the love of her family, even though the difference in goals and views are different. Both Stories are different in a way that one is for the marriage and the son refuses to have the father choose for him. And the other is a daughter who chooses to have a different future by going to college and finding a man compare to her sister that stays home and continues the family routines as the mother would

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