Essay on Community Policing : An Important Policing Strategy

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Community policing is an important policing strategy used throughout many countries including the United States of America (Casey, J., 2010). The principles of community policing give the community the ability to influence and work along with law enforcement. Community policing is more than just a program; it is a “philosophy" (Roth et al., 2000). To some community policing is a program and an organizational innovation and to others it is a philosophy that puts the needs and quality of the community first (Roth et al., 2000).
Community policing includes updated training, new policies, new services delivered, new recruitment, change in patrol and supervision officers, and new objectives (Steden, R. van, Miltenburg, E & Boutellier, J.C.J., 2014). Community policing has undergone many changes to become what it is today. Community policing can require hiring and training new officers, this is costly and out of reach for some police agencies. To implement community policing, police departments may decrease other units and funding from other parts of the department. Unfocused policies of community policing, including newsletters, storefront offices, meetings, and foot patrols, do not decrease fear of crime or crime itself (Weisburd & Eck, 2004). Job satisfaction can be increased by community policing and improve the way they interact and see the community (Skogan, 2006).
Sir Robert Peel a former leader of the London Police is credited for creating the Principles of Policing that…

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