Essay on Community Oriented Policing And Proactive Policing

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Community-oriented Policing Introduction: The article that I have chosen to write my course project on will cover community-oriented policing and strategies that are intertwined with the program. Amongst law enforcement personnel, there will always be a debate regarding traditional policing and proactive policing through problem solving. Many believe that using the traditional approach, you’ll be provided with a quick response to incidents. Others believe there are proven long-term benefits of crime prevention with a more proactive approach. During this article, multiple strategies will be discussed and each one has a direct relationship to community-oriented policing. It is important to understand that any one strategy is not more important than the other, but instead they are all integrated to ensure a successful outcome. Community-oriented policing is critical in serving the community in a well-balanced manner. This article has a direct correlation with my current course, Community Relations because chapter 10 on our required textbook; “CRIM 2300, Community Relations” discusses community-oriented policing.
Results: A massive amount of time and effort is required to implement community-oriented policing. Deploying a task force consisting of civilians and law enforcement officers from all ranks would be required to address any issues involving the program. They will also be responsible for implanting the program within the department as well as overseeing all review…

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