Communicable Diseases Essay

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Who must report? Healthcare providers (physicians, hospitals, infection preventionists) with knowledge of a case or suspect case of a disease which is required to be reported
Laboratories’ that examine specimens of human origin with evidence of diseases which are required to be reported any individual having knowledge of a person suffering from a disease suspected of being communicable
WHAT must be reported?
Diseases on Ohio’s ABC list ;=( Section 3- disease list attached to last page) Healthcare providers must report the following:  Name of case or suspect case  Diagnosis or suspected diagnosis  Date of birth of case or suspect case  Sex of case or suspect case 
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 Class B and C – HEA 3334 and supplementary surveillance forms, as appropriate; Class B and C reports can also be made electronically through direct entry into ODRS.  Healthcare providers that report 200 or more Class A, B or C diseases each year should consider electronic reporting through direct entry into ODRS.  Order forms for HEA 3334 should be faxed to 614-564-2456.
Local health jurisdictions 
Class A – immediately by phone; follow-up reports should be directly entered into the Ohio Disease Reporting System (ODRS). 
Class B and C – direct entry into ODRS.  Local health jurisdictions should assure that reports entered into ODRS are complete; supplementary surveillance information as outlined in Section 3 should be mailed to ODH at the following address:
Ohio Department of Health
Outbreak Response and Bioterrorism Investigation
Team Bureau of Infectious Diseases 246 N. High Street Columbus, OH 43215

WHY must a report be made?
 Disease control and prevention as outlined for the specific disease being reported  Documentation of the distribution of disease in Ohio  Identification of outbreaks
The Infectious Disease Control

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