Communicable Disease Paper

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Communicable Disease Paper
Jennifer K. Rhodes
University of Phoenix
Public and Community Health
HCS 457
Heather Steiner
March 14, 2011

Communicable Disease Paper Chickenpox is a communicable disease and “one of the classic childhood diseases” (National Institute of Health [NIH], para. 1). In the past, when parents heard a child had come down with chickenpox, parents would form chickenpox parties so other children would contact chickenpox and acquire lifelong immunity. Today another, more controlled method is used for children to benefit from the chickenpox antibodies (Wimer, Emm, & Bader, 2004). This and other information on chickenpox will be expanded on by describing the disease and efforts to control chickenpox by
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Interventions through providers or systems consist of provider reminders, assessment and feedback for providers, and a combination of all these interventions (Turnock, 2009). One way the CDC ensures quality health from vaccinations is through the Immunization Safety Office (ISO). The job of the ISO is to identify, assess, and respond “to vaccine-related adverse events to ensure that the benefits of vaccines continue to be far greater than the risks. Preparedness initiatives are also underway to ensure that vaccines are safe in the event of a threat of disease outbreak in which a mass vaccination campaign is needed, such as measles, influenza (flu), or varicella (chickenpox)” (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2011, para. 1). Treatment and care consists of keeping the individual comfortable and at home. Only Tylenol should be administered because aspirin and ibuprofen may cause complications. Lukewarm, oatmeal baths, oral antihistamines, and lotions help to soothe itchy skin. It is recommended that fingernails be cut short to prevent infections from scratching. Antiviral medications are available but are used mostly for individuals who have existing skin conditions, lung problems, or who have recently taken steroids or take aspirin daily ([NIH]). A single environmental

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