Communicable Disease Paper

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Communicable Disease Paper Tuberculosis Communicable diseases rely on fluid exchange, contaminated substance, or close contact to travel from an infected carrier to a healthy individual. Many people have never heard of a disease called tuberculosis (TB) or not fully aware how serious this disease really is. I will briefly summarize the research that was conducted on tuberculosis by describing the disease in details and discussing efforts to control it, indentify environmental factors related to tuberculosis, and explain the influence of lifestyles, socioeconomic status, as well as disease management. I will also briefly describe what public health departments are doing to reduce the threat, and include data, evidence, and plan to …show more content…
Prisoners should have the right to the same exact medical care as people that are out in the community on many levels. It is hard for people that are considered as lower social economic that are usually associated with immigrants and members of what is also known as the minority to seek help and they are at a higher risk of becoming effected. Alcoholism and most illegal drugs plays a major parts and increases the risk of tuberculosis disease after infection because it can be a result in organ failure if used often. There are substantial gaps in published evidence for scale-up for five WHO-recommended TB interventions settings at country level, which for many countries possibly precludes program-wide implementation of these interventions (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2009). There is a strong need for rigorous operational research studies to be carried out in programmatic settings to inform on best use of existing and new interventions in TB control (Cobbelens, 2012). Many public health departments like Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provide very informative information about this disease. Public health departments provide skin and blood tests that are used to detect if an individual has the TB bacteria in he or shes body. These two different kinds of tests will be conducted if a person thinks they have been exposed to someone with this disease. Latent TB infection and TB disease are treated two different ways,

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