Communicable Disease : Communicable Diseases Essay

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Communicable Diseases It is imperative to understand communicable diseases in the context of the environment and sanitation. In this regard, emphasis will be directed to diseases associated with crowding and population displacement and vectorborne diseases.
i. Crowding and Population Displacement The Pan American Health Organization (2000) states that when disaster strikes, the impetus to seek relief, shelter, and treatment away from the disaster results in population movement, which inevitably results in crowding. A survey conducted in Managua after the 1972 earthquake in Nicaragua revealed that 90% of the 200, 000 people who were displaced were living with their relatives, while 10% took shelter in parks and public buildings. One key communicable disease transmitted due to crowding is measles (Watson et al., 2007; Lemonick, 2011). According to Watson et al. (2007) at least 18, 000 cases of measles were reported in the Philippines after the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo.
Another communicable disease that is transmitted as a result of crowding due to disaster is Niesseria Menengitidis (Lemonick, 2011; Watson et al., 2007). Both Watson et al. (2007) and Lemonick (2011) state that cases for Niesseria Menengitidis were reported in Aceh and Pakistan as a result of flooding.
A major cause of illness and death, especially among children displaced due to disaster is Acute Respiratory Illness. One key disease is pneumonia, which affects the victim with severity. According to Watson…

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