Common Writing Problems Of College Students Essay

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Common Writing Problems
When writing a paper for a professor the first suggestion that will fit any situation is “be brief”, more words do not equal more intelligence. The writers’ aspect should be clear and all grammatical rules should be followed. There are a few grammatical rules that most college students have some problems following, these elements are; colloquial, declarative statements, paraphrasing, and formal language in writing. A good colloquial statement in writing is characterized as ordinary or familiar conversation rather than formal speech or writing (, 2016). We should never assume that our reader knows what we are saying. Sometimes a writers’ speech is reflected in his writing, this is one of the greatest mistake among college students because we tend to have our own language. Colloquial statements can also be hard for people from particular regions to understand. So, these slang words or statements should only be used for a select audience, in an informal environment.
Colloquial statements usually include conversations that are informal or slang speech, such as, “cool” or “dude”. These slang words are not necessarily incorrect, but using phrases such as, “you know” and “you might be thinking”, should not happen (Langbehn, K., 2012). It is the writers’ job to make sure that the reader knows what he is saying and not have to translate. Though, colloquial statements are not appropriate in formal writing; it exceptional to informal writing.…

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