Common Sense By Thomas Paine Essay examples

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Common Sense
Common Sense by Thomas Paine written in 1776 was America’s first bestselling work of literature. Common Sense was a short 47- page pamphlet that expressed the need for American independence and a republican government. The pamphlet was an extremely sought after publication: “up to 150,000 copies circulated in its first year, and it underwent numerous reprintings.” Attributing to this pamphlets popularity was accessibility; a reading so small facilitated mass circulation . For example, W.E Woodward details the popularity of Common Sense:
The reprinting presses ran night and day to fill the demand for the thin pamphlet. Men read it in the streets, standing still on the narrow sidewalks, rapt in attention, while people passed to and fro. It was read aloud by schoolteachers and patriotic speakers to audiences of unlettered laborers. In the Continental Army the officers read it while their men stood at attention, listening to every word.

Consequently, Common Sense by Thomas Paine acted as a catalyst towards the American Revolution. There were many key aspects of the pamphlet that attributed to it sparking the American Revolution. Primarily, Paine utilized simple wording and sources of common knowledge to convince colonists of his argument. For example, Paine consistently uses the phrase “common sense” to express how the reasons for America’s independence are simple and clear:
Some, perhaps, will say, that after we have made it up with Britain, she will protect…

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