Commedia Del ' Arte : Its History And Abounding Inspiration Essays

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Commedia Del’Arte: Its History and Abounding Inspiration
“As long as there is life, my dear friends, laughter will be the weapon of we who mock it even as we struggle to understand it.” - George Herman, A Comedy of Murders
Commedia Del’Arte was a form of theatre that developed in Italy during the sixteenth century and was made popular because of its use of humorous dialogue, exaggerated masks, and cast of colorful characters. Commedia Del’ Arte has impacted and influenced the theatre today by having created foundations in drama and art that transcended history. Not only from a technical view but socially as well, its performances and performers (such as Isabella Andreini) would create a new groundwork for our current theatre world. A basic generalized grouping of stock characters that we see throughout theatre, movies, and television today was imagined and developed through Commedia Del’ Arte. It also has a major influence on contemporary comedy despite the fact that it’s elaborate masks and costumes are no longer common place. These elements of Commedia Del’Arte, and many more have inspired our art and our lives and will continue to do so for generations. The birth of Commedia Del’ Arte was subtle and slow to rising. Historians believe that it began when common place street performers, players, acrobats, entertainers, and adventurers started coming together to form professional companies. They experimented with performance in front of the public and soon enough a style was…

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