Coming Hell Or High Water : Hurricane Katrina And The Color Of Disaster

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Summary: In the final chapter of Come Hell or High Water:Hurricane Katrina and the Color of Disaster Michael Dyson looks at how different groups use religion in the face of a natural disaster. In Hurricane Katrina there were essentially two groups that were a part of the disaster: poor, black victims and those that were supposed to help them. For those that are in a position to help, they often view natural disasters as a means for God to punish sinners and for those that need help they look to God as a comfort and as a way to cope. In the chapter, Dyson discusses how several Christian role models made similar statements about how New Orleans is a hub of sin and that the citizens of New Orleans snarl in the face of God until they need help; however, very often these are the same people that view these people as avid sinners are also the ones who believe that they are poor by choice and discriminate against them because of their race and class. During the disaster several sources were overheard or quoted directly laying blame on the citizens living in New Orleans for being sinners and for believing in voodoo, gambling, drinking, sex, etc. However, many of the things being said about the people of New Orleans was being aimed at them because they were poor black folks in America and could not defend themselves. There are several cities in the United States that are similar in the amount of sin that is present, but the demographics of those cities are whiter and richer than…

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