Holes By Louis Sachar Summary

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The novel Holes by Louis Sachar is a comedy adventure fiction novel that tells the story of Stanley Yelnats in a third person point of view. The setting of this novel takes place in Camp Green Lake which is a juvenile detention center. Once at Camp Green Lake inmates are forced to dig holes through the day. The novel takes place in present day, but deals with a lot of flashbacks that happen through the novel. The main character in the novel is Stanley Yelnats, he is an overweight, shy, and awkward middle schooler who had only few friends. He was always teased for his size by his classmates and school bully. His family had a history of bad luck due to a curse that was placed on his family. Stanley even though having a bad childhood …show more content…
Stanley and Zero become good friends and later Zero decides to run away from camp. After a couple of days Stanley decides to find and save Zero. The two find Sam’s onion field on top of a mountain and survive there for a couple of days. They then decide to head back to camp to search for the treasure where the lipstick was found. Stanley and Zero find the suitcase that belonged to Stanley’s great-grandfather, whose name was also Stanley Yelnats. The warden then tries to take the suitcase when Stanley’s lawyer arrives and declares Stanley and Zero innocent and that they were free. They kept the suitcase which included many valuable items and money taken by Kate Barlow. The curse is lifted from the family and Zero is reunited with his mother. Stanley’s father finally manages to invent a cure for foot odor, which is a mixture of peaches and onions. For the first time in 100 years it begins to rain in Camp Green Lake. A reader would believe that the author’s purpose for writing Holes is to show the power of friendship. Friendship can help you overcome anything if you make the right friends. That kind of friendship that Zero and Stanley had helped them survive and avoid death. The author was trying to show that justice always gives people what they deserve, the bad get punished and the good get rewarded. Even though Stanley was wrongfully accused of a crime he did not commit the ending resulted in him getting many rewards like finding the money and getting rid of his family’s

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