Columbus Day Should Be Changed Indigenous Culture 's Day Essay

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Columbus Day should be changed to Indigenous Culture’s Day because we should not celebrate a genocide of an entire culture. It does not matter how “great” and “influential” he was, he wiped out an entire people. In 1451, Christopher Columbus (known in Italy as Cristoforo Colombo) was born in Genoa, Italy. He was born in a nice middle class family, whose father was a wool weaver. He was a normal man, until he started voyaging to Africa and the “New World”. What most people don’t realize is that much of what they know about Columbus is a lie. He never set foot in what is now known as America, and he wasn’t the first to discover America. Before 1492, Columbus sailed to the Canary Islands in Africa, where there was a large slave trade. He was responsible for much of the slave trading there. Columbus went to different rulers and asked them to sponsor his trip. He only got funding after 8 years, from King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella when they won the war against the Moors. Around 1492, many Europeans wanted faster trade routes. They also wanted to spread Christianity and “help the savages” who didn’t worship their version of God. Isabella and Ferdinand gave money to Columbus and other sailors because they wanted to spread their views and find ways to get to India, Asia and other countries faster.
In his lifetime, Columbus had four journeys to the New World. His first voyage was by far his greatest. One of his ships, the Santa María crashed in Hispaniola and his men…

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