Colonial Social Class Essay

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Colonial Social Class
The first interesting topic I found on the website was about colonial social classes it went into detail about each social class within in that area, and about what each social class was entitled too. For instance, enslaved field hands such as field workers worked Monday through Saturday from sun up to sun down. These field hands mostly worked in the tobacco or cotton fields and they only had Sundays off for themselves. This form of labor was considered the most back breaking being they worked all day long until late at night.
Another, is enslaved house servants such as cooks, blacksmiths, and other skilled jobs. These servants were considered better off because the labor was not such intense as field jobs. However, they
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Most of the questions overviewed the website. One question what is the reason for the Declaration of Independence; the answer being to state colonies were free of British rule. Another, question what is the reason for the Boston Tea party; answer being was due to colonist rebelling against taxes. Another question what is the reason for the Red Coats; answer being to state were the British soldiers fought against Americas in the revolutionary war. After, taking the test of course some answers I had missed led me to go back and read the sections that I had missed on the test. This I found helpful in retaining information, and working to relate the information to …show more content…
The Wren building was the first building built for white children, and some native american children’s education that is still in use to this day. To this day, the building is used as part of the college of William and Mary’s Christopher college. The college’s archaeologist group is currently excavating some areas of the Wren building for research. The website shows pictures of the area excavated and being research which will end and leave areas undisturbed for future archaeologist to go back and do their research for future studies. Some items found in the excavation were old wine tops, cannon balls, and sawpit. One last place that I found interesting is the Great Hope Plantation, which didn’t exist in the 18th century. However, it is a reenactment of a plantation from those days. Research was completed to obtain the info needed to reenact such as people, fields, animals, buildings, and field labor. This place to me seems like it would be a fun experience to actually have hands on experience of what it was like to live in those days. The Great Hope Plantation allows visitors to work in the fields like those days, and among others things available to the

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