Colonies Economic System

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The basis of each colonial region had begun by commercial ventures. As time went on, each of these areas engaged in other economic systems that would meet the financial needs of its people. Within this short essay, it will examine the varying reasons that caused for different economic systems to be developed within each colony and also describe the effect they have had on each of the region 's social form. When looking at both the Northern and Southern economy, they both have unique economic systems that provide stability in each region while also changing the lives of many in beneficial and detrimental ways. These economic systems have made tremendous advances in America but has also encouraged the repulsive treatment towards Africans that …show more content…
This economic system allowed families to have an excess amount of goods that they could either exchange or market. Also, craftsmen and artisans had begun to establish themselves in the community as rifle makers, cabinetmakers, etc. While almost every person within the Northern Colonies had been able to contribute to the advancing economy, the demand for a steady labor source had caused for the slave labor system to be created in the Southern Colonies. As the demand for slaves grew rapidly in North America, it had prompted for the immigration of 11 million Africans to be forced into the New World. The conditions of traveling on these disgusting and sickening slave ships had almost been worst than the treatment that Africans endured upon arrival of America. If the slaves survived the horrifying journey, they would soon be sold to white landowners and moved to their new homes. Although Africans had been scattered throughout the three regions, they had made up the majority of the labor force in the Southern Colonies. While it was unsure at first of the social status of African slaves within America, the roles between blacks and whites became distinct in the early eighteenth century. Black workers were obliged to work permanently for their masters, unlike the white servants who were freed after a fixed amount of time. Also, slave codes had further limited the rights of blacks and ensured absolute power to their masters. The brutal and inhumane treatment that Africans have experienced from both their travels and work shows how the Southern economic system has caused for many lives to be destroyed. Although it is uncertain of the real motivations behind slavery, some argue that it was the idea that whites are above all other races while others say that slavery had been formed strictly for economic

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