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Colombian folklore
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Carnaval de BarranquillaMarimonda characters.
Colombian folklore are beliefs, customs and cultural traditions in Colombia. Contents [hide] * 1 Cultural influences * 2 Relevancy * 3 Legendary creatures * 4 References |
[edit]Cultural influences
Colombia has many traditional folk tales and stories about legendary creatures which are transmitted orally and kept for next generations to come. Some of them are
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* The Viruñas or Mandingas (the Evil One), is considered a representation of Satan, and appears as a handsome man who steals the souls of the people.

Amerindian, black African, and Spanish folk customs have combined to create a rich culture that expresses itself in festivals throughout the year. According to one legend, a mythical hero named Bochica introduced culture and civilization to the people living around Bogotá. He taught them how to build dwellings and introduced laws to govern daily life. Problems started when his wife, Chia the moon goddess, kept leading people astray, encouraging them to break the laws. The couple fought, and Chia used magic powers to make the rivers flood the home the people had built.
Bochica led the people who survived the floods to the top of a mountain. To make sure that Chia would not cause any more trouble, he sent her away to be exiled in the night sky forever.
Barranquilla and other coastal towns celebrate a yearly Carnival. Celebrants wear colorful costumes and masks, and play flutes and African drums.

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Colombia is a country with a

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