Essay on Colombi Slowing The Drug Trade

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Paz Colombia: Slowing the Drug Trade In Colombia, a historic peace accord has been brokered between the government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) that is set to end half a century of conflict between the state and the terrorist organization. The FARC rebels have long been a powerful member of the cocaine trade in Colombia and beyond, aiding in the development and exportation of the drug to the United States. With the alliance between the FARC rebels and the Colombian government pending, the FARC will be demilitarized and integrated back into Colombian society for the first time in more than 50 years. Upon this historic event, roughly 60% of Colombia’s coca, the plant used to produce cocaine, will be relinquished from the hold of the rebels. The Colombian government has plans to fund a program that would gradually substitute coca out of farm-land: however, as an especially lucrative crop, farmers will be hesitant to switch to other plants like coffee. Consequently, the United States and Colombian governments must work together to ensure that these coca fields are eliminated, effectively decreasing the power of illegal organizations in Colombia and limiting the cocaine distribution to the United States and worldwide. The guerilla war in Colombia between the FARC and the Colombian government began in May 1964, following Fidel Castro’s takeover in Cuba; however, the FARC did not become involved in the cocaine trade until 1982. At this junction, the…

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