College Admissions : Financial Planning Essay

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College Admissions: Financial Planning
My College Plan As college costs continue to rise faster than the general rate of inflation, young college students are increasingly finding themselves saddled with debt and forced to make complex financial decisions. In response, some colleges now channel freshmen through personal finance seminars in which students learn how to budget, how to understand loan terminology, and how to avoid common financial pitfalls. Some students find it hard to continue and work and additional year to collect some money, and then go off to college. And then some families do not or cannot afford to help their kids with college so it puts stress on the student to get scholarships or work for the Hathaway. The students that can’t get the scholarships or the Hathaway, are stuck working for the majority of their life to just pay off the loans needed for attending college; that’s something most people do not want to do. My three main goals to help me go to college would be, work for a year, get student loans, and participate in some online classes. The first step would be, to work a year after graduating high school. Even though statistics show students that wait a year to go to college, end up not going, I plan to push myself and make sure I get a college degree. The reason I have to work for an additional year would be, because my parents are not willing to help me with any money, and the more money that I can save will be less I have to pay towards…

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