Collective Behavior And Social Movements

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Collective behavior and social movements have been instrumental in stimulating social change. In fact, in the past 200 years, they have become a part of the popular and global expression of dissent. This paper seeks to carry out a conceptual review of collective behavior and social movements while also reflecting on some of Belize’s rich historical and recent experiences in this regard. It discusses civil discontent as the main trigger for social movement, and by extension, social change. Social Movements in Belize Different social researchers have contemplated the rationale behind social change. Brinkerhoff (1990) defines collective behavior as a “spontaneous action by groups in situations where cultural rules for behavior are vague, inadequate, …show more content…
Given the omnipresence of pinktober, the case of breast cancer awareness month is a useful pedagogical tool to teach about the worthwhile efforts of creating social change. There is no denying the pressure that breast cancer has planted in our society. According to statistics provided by Dr. Hugh Sanchez, a pathologist of the Ministry of Health, “15 women were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011” (Amandala, 2012). The annual breast cancer activities and countrywide cancer walks held in October, acts as a social movement teaching tool in raising the public’s awareness of the disease. As a result, these groups consisting primarily of female activists organize to achieve support of medical recognition and encourage early testing. Likewise, the annual Belize Diabetic Run is a momentous twenty three (23) miles run that was created to catapult an awareness about the dangers of Diabetes: In an effort to contribute to the prevention and elimination of this deadly disease, which is one of leading killer of Belizeans and people across the globe. The aim of the event is to highlight the role of physical activity in prevention/reversal of Type II Diabetes. These movements have grown systematically in strength every …show more content…
More examples of modern movements include the efforts of the Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action or COLA, who, perceiving a need for awareness concerning government activities, take it upon themselves to call attention to those activities. Since gaining independence in 1981, our string of successive governments has been continually plagued by suspicions of corruption and nepotism. COLA was started as a watchdog organization to raise awareness and to take measures, sometimes drastic, to enforce transparency and fairness in governance. In 2006, a group seeking to make health care more accessible to “HIV/AIDS vulnerable communities” ( became an organization called the United Belize Advocacy Movement, or UNIBAM. This organization became the face of the movement pushing for the rights of “sexual minorities” in Belize. ( Their goal has spread beyond health care to defending the rights of these minorities through legal action and support from various international organizations, including the UN. This very year, a string of scandals involving various ministers created much anger and dissatisfaction in the public, and the BNTU took up a cause they called “good governance”. This movement was characterised by protests, strikes, public awareness campaigns, and a list of demands made to the government. ( Over the past couple of years, many people have disliked

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