Collapse : How Societies Choose You Fail Or Succeed By Jared Diamond

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Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed, written by Jared Diamond, poses his opinion on how human endeavors have impacted climate change throughout history. The author uses the Maori, located in humid New Zealand and the Europeans, to illustrate the influences of globalization. Before the Europeans arrived, the Maori rarely engaged in wars, due to the modesty of agriculture productivity and their staple crop of sweet potatoes. The Maori couldn’t grow enough sweet potatoes to feed distant marches or an army. Around 1815, however, the Europeans introduced potatoes, increasing Maori crop production. Yet, Maori tribes that did acquire potatoes and guns from the English decided to raid tribes hundreds of miles away that did not receive guns or potatoes yet. Doing so resulted in relief from pre-Maori warfare; Europeans transported their own native crops and introduced it to the Americas where there was a change of climates.
The Greenland Norse colony, also known as the Vikings, is another group of people that influenced climate change through globalization. Erik the Red founded Greenland in 984 and led the first settlers to settle in Greenland from Iceland. Greenland ice cores further convey that the climate was relatively mild when the Norse arrived. During the 1300s, they went through cold years and in the 1400s dove into the Little Ice Age, until the 1800s. Consequently, the Norse depleted their environmental resources, by stripping turf, cutting trees, and soil…

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