Collaboration Between The Clinical Information Technology Unit And The Clinicians

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collaboration between the clinical information technology unit and the clinicians. This alliance is usually led by the chief information officer (CIO) in the healthcare organization. The role of the healthcare CIO is to provide strategic planning, development, harmonization, and assessment of the information and technology systems capable of implementing the initiatives. Besides, the CIO should be in charge of providing the technological vision and leadership in the development and execution of the health information technology (HIT), which is capable of carrying out the healthcare reform initiatives (Kash, Spaulding, Johnson, Gamm, & Hulefeld, 2014). Technically, the health management information systems (HMIS) can be seen as important tools for implementing healthcare reform initiatives. The strategic HMIS planning can be used to enhance communication among management, workforce, vendors, and additional technology resources in the organization. This practice can create a positive organizational culture based on the cooperation between all healthcare workers. The use of enterprise resource planning (ERP) system helps healthcare organizations by significantly enhancing operational control and simplifying operations (Sanja, 2013). For instance, because ERP system automates the process of collecting and retrieving patients ' information, the response to the demand for patients ' care can be improved. An ERP system can be used to computerize and combine central practices,…

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