Cold Blood By Truman Capote Essay

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In the novel In Cold Blood by Truman Capote, the plot centers around the murder and investigation of the Clutter family. The plot also follows the two killers, Dick and Perry, and the events in their lives that lead them to this point in which they commit this crime. These two men have done a deed so inhumane and so ruthless that many people see these two men as deserving of the death penalty. However, Capote gives the reader a moral question to ponder because of the way he makes the two killers seem very relatable, as normal, everyday, mundane human beings with a families, lives, and a history all their own.
One of the two killers, Richard Hickcock, or Dick, is known for being particularly charismatic. Dick also has a very common problem that many people struggle with and can relate to, he has an issue with being reckless with his money. Except instead of trying to manage his money better like many people would, Dick uses his charismatic charm to float bad checks to cover his spending habits. Using a person 's personality to help them get ahead in their lives with things is something that many people can relate to. Something else that the reader can relate to in Dick’s life is his family. There is a scene in the novel where Dick is, “consuming a Sunday dinner. The others at the table-his mother, his father, his younger brother...he had arrived home at noon, kissed his mother, readily replied to questions his father put concerning his supposed trip to Fort Scott, and sat…

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