Cold Blood, By Truman Capote Essay example

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In Cold Blood, by Truman Capote, is a nonfiction novel about the mass murder of an innocent family. Though highly acclaimed, the book ends up falling short of its nonfiction description, as the article, “Critical Essay on In Cold Blood”, argues that there is great bias in In Cold Blood in the form of sympathy towards the main character, Perry Smith, which is certainly true. Instead of following the conventional format of a nonfiction mystery novel, Capote uses In Cold Blood as an outlet to express his sympathy towards Perry Smith, the man who ruthlessly murdered four innocent members of the Clutter family. This evident bias hampers Capote’s attempt at an impartial account of the Clutter family mass homicide.
Traditionally, mystery novels are written from a first person or third person point of view. The entirety of the plot relies on the fact that the reader doesn’t not know who the culprit(s) really is and keeps the reader guessing until the very end, when the perpetrator(s) is revealed, and the story ends with a short, objective account of the arrest and punishment of the culprit, who is, and always will be, the bad guy. In Cold Blood does the very opposite. The reader is exposed to the felons from the beginning, who are caught in the third section of the four chapter book. The book continues to talk about the fate of the culprits; the trial, the decision, the wait, and the execution, all in much more detail than required.
This unconventional method of writing a nonfiction…

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