Essay on Cold Blood And Richard Brooks Film

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On November 14, 1959 four members of the Clutter family were murdered by two heinous men looking to find what they believed would bring them riches, but instead brought upon them a lot of stress/worry and eventually a death sentence. The Clutter family was known as the second richest family in Holcomb, and Mr. Clutter was a very respected man, father, and farmer by the Holcomb community. Many outsiders believed Mr. Clutter kept cash money in his house and this myth ultimately lead to him and his family to being robbed and killed. Holcomb, Kansas prior to this incident was an extremely safe and secure area with minimal criminal activity so much so that its residents felt safe enough to leave their doors unlocked at night, as well as this area was secluded to most of the country. Until the publicized murders of the Clutter family were shared to the country by Truman Capote in his non-fiction novel In Cold Blood and Richard Brooks film In Cold Blood put them on the maps and lead them to be widely known. In Cold Blood the non-fiction novel was written by Truman Capote in 1966 seven years following the murdering of the Clutter family. The text was written as a factual report documenting the events that led up to the murders, the actual murders, and the after math of the murders. In Cold Blood the film was written and directed by Richard Brooks in 1967. Based off Truman Capote’s novel it was released on year after In Cold Blood the novel. Centered around the same horrific…

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