Essay on Cognitive Therapy For Depression During Depression

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COGNITIVE THERAPY FOR DEPRESSION There are multiple different treatments used when trying to cure depression, one of the more successful treatments being cognitive therapy. Jorden Cummings, a psychologist, describes cognitive therapy (CT) as being "a time-limited, problem-focused, directive therapy that typically includes 14 to 16 weekly sessions (50 minutes each), but it can last longer for more severe and chronic depression" (Cummings). Cummings also states that this form of therapy is most often performed as individual therapy, but cognitive therapy also has opportunities to be a group therapy if the patient would benefit from doing so. Cognitive therapy has risen to being one of the most widely practiced and researched psychotherapies for depression in the last 40 years. CT is described as a "front-line" treatment because of its efficiency and long lasting results to patients. Cummings includes a controlled trial in her article, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, to show the successfulness in this treatment. (Cummings)
For example, in a multisite, randomized controlled trial of treatments for moderate to severe depression, CT had an enduring effect over a 12-month follow-up that was equivalent to maintaining patients on antidepressant medication (Hollon et al., 2005). CT responders were then followed without additional CT, and responders to the acute-phase pharmacotherapy were randomly assigned to placebo withdrawal or to continuation pharmacotherapy. DeRubeis and…

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