Essay on Cognitive Psychology : Cognitive Perspective

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On this research I will introduce to you about Cognitive Perspective in Psychology. What are they mean and what are their current uses. Cognitive, on this research will teach you how Psychologist, neuotrolologist, humanistic have discovered and tested the process of the people’s mind, including, perception, attention, language, memory, thinking and consciousness. Also in this research I will briefly explain why Cognitive Perspective has approached in my field as a business student.


Since I’m doing my associate degree in Business Science, I think that Cognitive has a lot to do with my career. Cognitive Perspective can currently be used as to how to process the people’s minds, including perception, attention, languages, memory, thinking, and consciousness. This theory is very important to human because human are becoming more aggressive with their behavioural standard.

According to psychologist, Cognitive Perspective applies a nomothetic approach to discover Human Cognitive process. Also it has adapted to idiographic techniques through using case study. Cognitive is also known as a reductionist approach. Therefore, it means that all behaviour doesn’t matter how complex it can be to reduce simple cognitive processes, like memory or perception. Psychologist emphasizes a shift from the study of conditioned behavioural and psychoanalytical notions about the study of the mind. The understanding of human information processing,…

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