Coffins Persuasive Speech

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I have this awful fear of being burried alive. Coffins to me could be a symbol of beiing burried alive. I don't see them as for the already dead. I have a hard time discribing the fear of being alive when someone puts you in the ground. When I see myself in that situation I see a coffin, you can scream but noone can hear you. The air start to disipate and you slowly start to sufficate and get cabonminoxide poisoning. Not a good way to die. The coffin is always there so I desided for this symbol I would use the coffin as a representation of a personal fear. “Coffin” comes from Ancient Greek meaning basket. The modern french meaning is now cradle. Coffins or boxes in which the dead are burried in have been around for a very long time. Around 3150 B.C.E. the ancient egyptions used stone and wood boxes or containers to perserve and bury their dead. In Europe around 700 B.C.E. the celtic people would use flat stone boxes for their dead. As coffins, usually six sided and …show more content…
So for me to see and possible use coffins differently, I need to break down what that means to me. Well it would completly incompass a human body, much like a protection bubble would. So they could mean protection, and if it is made out of stone it would be less like that anything physical could penatrate it. It could also be used as a symbol of communcated with the dead or the ancestors. The ancient egyption used coffins, sarcaficuse. to protect the dead and too see them into the afterlife. Although coffins are used to bury the dead, doesn't mean it has to be the physical meaning used, it could be a metaphor. So buring the past, or letting go of a situation that has occured so you can move on. Buring negative feelings, protecting and presurving positive memories. So when you break it down I can now look at coffins and not always have it mean burried alive but to have protect surround and incompass

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