Essay Coffee Trees, Fertilizer Use And Soil Conservation Measures

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In addition, the number of adult relatives in the village was positively correlated with the renovation of coffee trees, fertilizer use and soil conservation measures. It is possible that informal support mechanisms among family members allow producers to manage the risks involved in coffee production, making it more likely that they will to adopt SMPs. In the coffee growing regions of Oaxaca, extended families often participate in collaborative work exchanges (Lewis, 2005) which effectively increase the supply of labor available to each producer for implementing new practices. These exchanges seem to confer advantages to producers with greater kinship ties since they allow extended families to “self-exploit” their own resources in the sense of the term as used by Chayanov (1986). Given the communal nature of the ejido system of land ownership, it is also possible that producers with larger kinship networks face greater social pressures to maintain their coffee plots in good physical condition. Moreover, maintaining coffee plots in a productive state by adopting SMPs could confer on adopters a higher social status with the benefits derived being greater for producers with larger kinship ties .
Making improvements to coffee plots through the adoption of SMPs is vital for increasing yields, reducing rural household poverty and ensuring the long term sustainability of the coffee sector in Mexico. In this study, we analyzed the probability of adopting…

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