Coercion Or Conversion And Religious Differences At Uic Essay

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Coercion or Conversion Interfaith relationships are complicated on a college campus, because so many religious peoples who want to express and practice their personal religious beliefs. A frequent issue that is often encountered on college campuses is the issue of interfaith cooperation between student groups. An example of this is when a group of students feel that a certain faith is being pushed upon them or they cannot practice their own religion in peace. We encounter this issue in our case study “Coercion or Conversion? Grappling with Religious Difference at UIC”. Our case study illustrates the fear of several students. The students fear that if this particular religious group joins their interfaith organization, that they will be coerced into joining the group’s popular religion and abandoning their own religion. However, this case study allows the opinions of each side of the argument to be explored, so an unbiased observer can articulate a solution which is best for both groups. At the University of Illinois at Chicago, an issue arose when the evangelical Christian group called Campus Crusade for Christ wanted to join their campus’s interfaith organization, the Religious Workers Association (RWA). However, the RWA has certain sets of rules set forward to protect each religious denomination, which includes their Convent. Cru agreed to all of the convent except for a certain phrase, which says “We will… not initiate personal religious opportunities designed to…

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