Coco Chanel Fashion

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“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” Iconic fashion designer Coco Chanel once said. Chanel, one of the most influential designers in the world, redefined what it meant to be a woman. Women’s fashion before the 1900’s was all corsets and bustles and almost no freedom to move. Then Coco Chanel changed that. She designed new fashions that defied the social norm and gave women in Europe and America more freedoms. But with her new idea came conflicts. Young girls were amazed with her new fashions, but their parents and elders were not. Girls caught wearing any of these new cloths were sent to basically a prison for young girls. Slowly, society started to accept Chanel’s new fashions and compromises were reached for the girls in the prisons. Because Chanel defied the social norm women soon
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One of Chanel’s newest styles, the Flapper Dress, (or more commonly known as the “Garconne Look” in Europe) was one of the most popular dress from about 1910-1930. ("Chanel- Style"). Chanel “Garconne Look” used many aspects of male fashion as inspiration, including short hair, corsetless-blouses, and shorter skirts and sometimes pants. Women in Europe and especially in America fell in love with this new style, and younger women reacted in a way their parents never expected. ("Women in the Early"). The Flapper Girl. Flappers were most often young women who were taking their freedom in stride. They were most often single and had enough money to support themselves, with enough extra money to buy extra accessories. Flapper Girls were fun, free, and almost always depicted with a cigarette in their hand. Cigarette companies started advertising more towards young women, because of the Flappers. These young women were some of the leaders in showing housewives that women could be free from their mundane chores and have some fun in life.

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