Coal Burning Plant Essay

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According to David N. Oswald in his, article Coal Burning Plants: An overview, Coal is a significant origin of energy generation around the world, and as a reason of harmful gases emissions like carbon dioxide, its utilization became a discussion worldwide on environmental change. As Coal remains, valuable in the twenty-first century because it is available in huge amounts, minimum cost to access and easy to convert into heat and electricity forms.
Coal formed from Organic material, that has been compacted and warmed between layers of rock over a large number of years and the first coal age occurred 290 million years ago. Coal contains carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen as main composition. Coal is available in 4 main types. High rank coal, for
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Usage of oil and gas has increased due to the acid rain effect from the coal usage made people to use less coal the year 1950.canada has an estimated values of 3107 million tonnes of sub-bituminous coal and lignite and 3,471 million tonnes of anthracite and bituminous coal which altogether comes together to an estimated value of 6.6 billion tonnes of recoverable coal. To minimise the acid rain effect, co2 levels and raise of mean temperature all the governments has started number of research and development projects to suppress the emissions after coal combustion. New coal technologies such as integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC), advanced pulverized coal combustion, fluidized bed combustion, and super-critical and ultra super-critical burners are being initialised all over Canada. From the year 2003, the Ontario province government has taken necessary measures to demolish the coal used power plants whereas in rest of the provinces the new thermal plants are coming with carbon capture and storage …show more content…
Power Systems -1 covers the complete process of how to generate power in Thermal power plants. It also covers the new technological advances like breaking of coal into tiny particles, fluidized bed combustion, and super-critical and ultra super-critical burners, which I felt similar with this article. This article is a little different from my course because the article covers the effects of coal combustion and the availability of coal mines in Canada largely than the process of generation of power in thermal power plants.
Text to Self: This article remembered me the drawbacks of Thermal power plants- final project of my bachelor 's degree. In that project, I mainly concentrated on the main raw materials like Coal and water. This article is different because it only concentrated on the effects of coal where as in my project I also documented that the water, which we are using for generation process, can damage the boilers, which may cost in millions of

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