Co Creation And The Co Dependent Relationship Between Organisations And Their Customers

977 Words Oct 30th, 2015 4 Pages
This essay will create an overview of co-creation and the co-dependent relationship between organisations and their customers. This relationship is becoming more prevalent in the digital age we are currently living in. With the development of technologies that make communication a greater part of our lives, we see an increase of interaction between brands and consumers. As partakers in the digital society, consumers have shown an increased need to be entertained and experience things in a way that was foreign 20-30 years ago. This essay will give an insight in this development and point out some of the prominent subjects that are relevant to this progress.

The first topic I am going to examine in this paper is co-creation and value. Discussing the definition of the terms, and how those instruments are moulding the relationship between businesses and their consumers will be the main focus. Moving on to the next topic of communication, I will look into how brands communicate with consumers. An emphasis will be placed on the development and change of business-consumer communication. The impact the change in communication has had on co-creation will conclude this topic.
The third topic I am introducing in this paper is brand engagement, with a focus on brand communities. I will try to define both brand and digital brand engagement. The evolving nature of the engagement between brands and consumers will also be discussed.
The final topic is revolved around the…

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