Essay on Climate Change

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Climate Change

Two of the main human causes of climate change are greenhouse gases and land use changes. Greenhouse gases trap heat in our atmosphere and can remain there for thousands of years. Certain of these gases will block heat from leaving the atmosphere. These gases make the planet warmer and create a thick blanket on the earth. Approximately 35% of all greenhouse gases are generated from electricity production. This is the larges source of these gases. Seventy percent of our electricity is derived from burning fossil fuels, comprised mostly of natural gases and coal. Land use is another human cause of climate change. Non-human factors, such as volcanic eruptions and solar output also play a big factor in our climate
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We can help reduce energy needs by using energy star approved products. There are now 60 different categories that have energy star approved products. Use of these products will decrease energy use and will also save on energy costs. There are also smart meters available to consumers that will allow us to see our energy usage and help us determine ways that we can shift our consumption of energy. By planting more trees and using “cool roofs” on our infrastructures, we can also create a cooler environment that will help us keep energy use and costs down. Climate change can have a big impact on human health. As our climate changes, the air quality will decrease. When our temperatures are above normal, flowers bloom early and certain aeroallergens, such as pollen and mold spores, will increase in concentration. These fine particles and dust can cause asthma, respiratory allergies, and may increase respiratory diseases in susceptible individuals. Pathogens are disease-causing agents, and may be transmitted to others by way of water, food, and animals such as birds, insects, and mice. Hotter temperatures also increase bacteria related food poisoning, such as salmonella since bacteria grows more steadily and faster in a warm environment. By planting more trees or promoting the use of cool roofs to reduce energy, we can help to minimize the buildup of heat in cities, manage storm water, which will in turn

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