Climate Change Report : First Draft Essays

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Climate Change report: First draft.

Climate change is affecting humans every day, and yet most of us have found that every region of the globe is affected in some way or another. For us here in San Diego, California, in the Western Hemisphere, on the west coast, United States, North America, that impact is felt mostly with rising sea temperatures and rising sea levels. There are noticeable predictions that by 2050, rising sea levels here will rise as stated: “"At least a 16 inch sea level rise is expected in San Diego, Ca by 2050, with a projected rise of 50% by the turn of the century." San Diego, Ca has several beaches locally, therefore this is a concern here. There are multiple beachfront properties and businesses that would be impacted by loss of profit margins, and potentially flooding if this was to occur. The property losses would potentially be in the millions and this does not take into consideration the impact that sea mammals would feel. By 2100, the projected sea level rise (SLR) would be 5 meters above normal…and some widely projected margins estimate those 7-23 inches possible for SLR in the coming years. The Fourth Assessment (4AR) by the IPCC of 2001 gives these projections for the 21st. century. Certainly not current by any means, however these projections are for this current century. Any sea level rise would have serious impacts on creeks, streams, rivers estuaries, watersheds and local beaches. These would be the long-term and widespread…

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