Climate Change : Global Temperature Change Essay

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In recent decades, there has been an increased level of concern about the upward trend of average global temperature caused by climate change. Global surface temperature in 1999 increased at a higher rate than any other recordings of the previous years, going from changes of a couple hundredths to the more previous change of 0.2˚C (Hansen et al, 1999). The rising of average global temperatures is a worldwide problem, and this temperature change seems to be an ongoing upward tendency. Global surface temperature has increased about 0.2˚C every decade during the past 30 years (Hansen et al., 2006). Climate change is occurring globally, so it is important to study the effects on organisms and how they respond to the drastic changes in climate. Global temperature change is occurring just as rapidly in the 2 current decades as it what in the 2 prior decades (Hansen et al. 2010). Climate change may redistribute the distribution of organisms, but in many situations good habitats become rare or nonexistent, which limits the ability to migrate or adapt in response to different environments (Bellisario et al., 2014). Polar climates are being changed rapidly by the warming trends, and the organisms that occupy these Polar Regions are having to adapt quickly in response to these changes..
Polar climate is changing more quickly than any other region (Serreze 2006). Species that inhabit these arctic areas are at risk due to dramatic changes or loss of habitat caused by climate change.…

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