Social Norm Violations In The Classroom

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A normal classroom has norms that must be followed and should not be violated. If a student violates any of the social norms they are committing an act of deviant behavior. In our breaching experiment we are purposely violating norms to get a reaction from our fellow classmates and teachers. The reactions that we get will be described, analyzed and discussed in detail. On Monday mornings from 8-11am my group mates Colton and Angelica have biology with Dr. Burke together. On Friday mornings from 8-11am myself, Angelica and Colton have sociology together. Both classes have a relaxed atmosphere and the teachers make the topics easy to understand and easy to learn. Our classrooms are normally very cold as well. Normal class behaviors
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If you violate a social norm you face receiving sanctions from the people around you. Sanctions are reactions to norm violations and can be positive or negative. Sanctions range from something small, like a side eye, to something big, such as a ticket. The social norm that we chose to violate is a social norm that a student is expected to obey, which is, walking out of the classroom to take a call or do anything else that might otherwise disturb your classmates or teacher. Colton would engage in deviant behavior to violate this norm. Disrupting the class is a folkway because it does not affect society. This social norm helps the teacher maintain order in the classroom and it shows that you have respect for your classmates and your teacher as well. It is an interesting norm to violate because not many people even think twice about how they 're supposed to act in a classroom. The reactions that we received from our classmates puzzled me a little bit because they just started laughing and it is not clear to me why the class reacted that way. One explanation is that it might be because the students are not used to anyone disrupting the class and found Colton’s conversation funny. Another explanation could be that the class was laughing because of the teacher’s reaction and the look on the teacher’s face. The relaxed …show more content…
Social norms in the classroom play an important role in how a school functions and how students learn. If there were no classroom norms, to regulate classroom behaviors, then students could go crazy and no one would learn anything in the classroom. My classmates and I did not experience any difficulty in performing our experiment because our teachers and classmates were not aware of our experiment. Our classmates reacted in a way that would make someone think that disrupting the class is okay and should be accepted. I think that the relaxed atmosphere of our class is partly to blame for how our classmates and teachers reacted. I would have liked to record a reaction from a more stern teacher like Dr. Brack to see if the reactions from our classmates would be different in a more serious atmosphere. I do not believe that race or gender played a part in the reactions of my classmates because all of my classmates were laughing and as I explained earlier, our classes have very diverse demographics. I do think age played a huge part. If our classes had more older students than younger students then the reactions might have been a bit more negative and stern. Social class might also have played some part in the reactions of the class because we’re all part of the student class we share some similarities and that

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