Essay about Classical and Rap Music

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Compare and Contrast Essay: Classical and Rap Music

Kristin Conway


March 15, 2014

Instructor: Kathleen Case

In contrary to common thought, classical and rap music have as many similarities as they do differences. The sound may be completely different, but there is a way to show emotion that will affect the listeners. For example, they both have ways to bring emotion and feeling into both performance and their audience’s effectiveness. Classical has an effect on the listeners that makes them cry, laugh and be happy. Rap music has an effect on a person that makes them get up and dance to the beat of the song. Classical and rap music are different in many ways but are
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After the Classical era came the Early Romantic era (1830-1860). According to the Get Into Classical website 3” This was the point at which composers stopped trying to make technically perfect (and hence always a little cold and dry) pieces, and started to really express their feelings in the music”, which is why it was called early romantic music. Also according to the Get Into Classical website, 4“In general the more exciting instrumentation, rhythms and melodies make this era way more appealing to modern listeners than Classical and Baroque.” Ludwig van Beethoven, who is one of the most famous names in classical music, is one of the composers who started the early romantic music. After early the romantic era came the late romantic era (1860-1920), where composers started to write non-standard time signatures, and using non-standard instruments, as well. This era also brought larger orchestras to make the music more layered, textured, and subtle. In the Post Great War era (1920-present), where according to, 5“The period since the Great War is undoubtedly the most bewildering of all, as composers have pulled in various apparently contradictory and opposing directions.” Rap music has not been around as long as classical, but the evolution has been extraordinary.
Rap music began in the

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