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Class Structure The class structure in the United States is comprised of three major groups, each with a subset. The first and highest group is known as the upper class. The Middle group is the middle class. And the lowest of the groups on the class structure is the lower class. However, each of these groups can be broken down further divided into upper, middle, and lower, because there is always someone at the top, and there is always someone at the bottom.
The first group of the social class is the upper class, which are the people who have more than enough money to get by. This class does not struggle in the financial world. These are the people who have really nice cars and oversized houses, they may even have more than one home.
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This group is between the upper and lower classes, they do not have as money as those of the upper but they also don’t struggle as much as the lower class does. Like in the upper class, the middle class also has subdivisions. The upper middle class is the highest subset in the middle class. This group is close to the lower upper class, they do not have as much money as the upper class but may struggle with finances. The middle of the middle class is where financial issues begin to be impact the lives of people. They may have extra money to go out and buy something they want, but they also can’t go out and buy a few hundred dollars of something they want every week. The lower middle class does not have this advantage. They need to be cautious of how much they spend every week because they do not have as much wiggle room as the others above them. If a person in this group wanted to go out and buy a new refrigerator they are going to need to save up before they can do so, it may take weeks or even months. But eventually they will be able to buy it and not worry as much about gaining the money back as someone in the lower class …show more content…
They are looked down on and struggle greatly with money. They are thought of as below other people and dirt poor. Like in the two previous classes, the lower class is also broken down into upper, middle, and lower. The upper lower class group do not struggle nearly as much as the lowest but they still struggle more than the upper class. These people most likely do not have the money to go out and buy something they want, they have to be conscious and think about what they really need. The middle of this group is really feeling the weight of financial troubles. They do not have enough to buy what they may want and struggle to pay for the things they have. These people would not be able to go replace that refrigerator like the ones in the lower middle class can. The lowest of all the classes is the lower lower class. They don’t have enough money for virtually anything. They can just barely get by with what they have. The people in this group really only have enough for basic necessities, they seriously think about what they are spending their money on. They will have to choose between buying something like chicken or laundry detergent because there just is not enough for

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