Cjs 240 Intro to Juvenile Justice the Juvenile Justice System's Need to Focus on Rehabilitation

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The Juvenile Justice System’s Need to Focus on Rehabilitation

The Juvenile Justice System’s Need to Focus on Rehabilitation
Amanda R. Molnar
Axia College of the University of Phoenix

The Juvenile Justice System Needs to Focus on Rehabilitation The juvenile justice system has long been in debate over whether its focus should be rehabilitation or punishment. From its birth in the early 20th century, the juvenile justice system has changed its focus from punishment to rehabilitation and back many times. Some say the juvenile justice system should be abolished and juveniles tried as adults, yet studies indicate punishment and imprisonment do not rehabilitate juvenile offenders; therefore, the juvenile justice system should remain
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For rehabilitation to be the primary focus of the juvenile justice system and become a truly effective effort, all areas of the juvenile justice system will be affected and will need to adjust to and fully adopt the rehabilitation focus. For law enforcement this means patrolling, controlling, detaining and preventing in a manner that supports the juvenile justice system’s focus on rehabilitation. Law enforcement currently has programs in place that employ and train juvenile officers in patrolling juvenile area, detaining juveniles, investigating juvenile crimes and preventing juvenile criminal behaviors. These officers focus on patrolling areas of the community where juveniles hang out, such as strips, malls and parks. The officers look for juveniles displaying gang affiliation and arrest warrants while providing community policing and acting and a visual deterrent. Juvenile police officers can be posted at schools to offer control and guidance among the student body. If an officer should need to detain a juvenile, the offender’s age, previous criminal history and family situation will be considered. Hess and Orthmann in “Introduction to Law enforcement and Criminal Justice” state the juvenile officer must decide if the juvenile should be referred to another agency, a social worker or to family court”. Juvenile officers will continue to be trained to use discretion when deciding the

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