Civil War And The American Revolution Essay

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From the American Revolution to the U.S. Civil War, the indigenous groups of America went from war pawns to trade allies to non-essential targets for massacre. Since the arrival of the British, the indigenous groups were exploited when considered useful, and exterminated when considered useless. While there were periods of peace and good relation between the indigenous groups and the Americans, it seems clear that they were doomed to play a degrading role in the American dream.
Prior to the revolution, the indigenous people were caught in the middle of a struggle for power between France and Britain. During the early 18th century, the indigenous groups were their own political entities in North America, and as the “British Indian agent William Johnson wrote, the Indians “consider[ed] themselves as a free people” (Hine & Faragher, 87). However, after the British defeated the French in 1759 (86), the Indians were doomed to become victims of British colonization and expansion. The Indians became victims of British control both at the political and the civilian level; however, the British government initially tried to protect native lands to the discontent of British citizens. While Indians were deprived of food and supplies, resulting in “many [being] left in a starving condition” (Hine & Faragher, 87), they were allowed to keep their land in order to reduce “frontier tensions” (88). However, this was not well received amongst the citizens, resulting in civilian violence…

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