Civil Law And The Law Essay

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Civil law can be defined as the gathering of law of a state or nation guiding the behaviour of individuals and associations, while choosing private rights and liabilities. Under this fall many subgroups of which tort and contract law can be found. Tort law can be defined as the law which may offer solutions to individuals and parties who have been affected by unreasonable actions and behaviours of others, and usually involve state law. Contract law can be defined as an agreement that creates responsibilities which are imposable by law. Civil law in its essence differs from criminal law, this is evident as civil law relates to lawsuits, and involves two parties (individuals) in the case, while criminal law relates to crime such as robbery and murder and usually involves the government against an individual who has committed a crime.

An agreement which is involved in contract law can be defined as an organised and usually legally enforceable understanding present between parties. An agreement usually documents the details of a negotiated settlement and then a contract is what agrees and specifies the minimum acceptable standards of performance. For an agreement to be valid there are five elements that need to be discussed.

A contract can be considered much more than an agreement between two people. In Australia there are five elements which are needed to be satisfied for the significant formation of a contract. If even one of these vital elements is not present a court will…

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