Civil Engineering And The Roman Empire Essay

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Civil Engineering in Rome
Engineering was a profession in Rome, and almost all of the things that were engineered would today fall under the category of civil engineering. They constructed many things throughout their time as an empire. With such an extensive empire, they had to make sure they could take care of the people in their empire. The roads ensured that they could get military personnel throughout the empire as quickly as possible. Aqueducts brought much needed water to big cities were springs would not be enough, allowing for cities to grow even bigger. Finally bridges allowed them to access parts of the world that would be harder if not for that.
“All roads lead to Rome” a phrase that everyone knows, but its meaning is not always known. The Romans had a huge empire, at one point stretching from Britain to the Middle East. With that amount of land, easy transportation was needed. So the roads were built to make it easy to traverse through the empire. The Roman Empire improved the overall quality of road construction, to the point where their roads are still in use today. Before Rome, the Greeks had a network of roads to the remote provinces, but it was not nearly as sophisticated or large as the roman roads. The Greeks preferred travel by sea to travel over land, at every opportunity instead of going over land they would sail on the Mediterranean. Also, as Mark Cartwright explains, travel was extremely expensive. One would have to hire a carriage or horse…

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