Cisco Systems Inc. Is One Of The World 's Computer Networking Companies

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Cisco Systems Inc. is one of the world’s computer networking companies. It is based out of San Jose, California. From the companies’ onset it aimed at connecting all members of the supply chain. The company’s initial product being the router has operating software called Internet Operating System (IOS). With this product Cisco has been able to pursue its present and future goal as a completely integrated supply chain. The company’s first integration which is a customer support site was launched one year after the router had been launched (Cisco System, 2003). The customer support site gave customers the ability to download and upgrade software and more so obtain technical support through e-mails. There has been a lot of evolution and improvement of the support center in the early nineties and it was later upgraded to a customer support system on the company’s website. Customers were now able to sell products and services through the internet.

The main aim of Cisco launching these systems is to make easy the process of customer support and more so make utilization of information easy. In the year 1996, the company introduced another Internet application that was referred to as “Networked Strategy,” this strategy made it possible for online orders and the flow of information through the company’s supply chain (Reddy, 2001). The order information was sent to Cisco’s ERP system which in turn sent it out to the various suppliers and manufacturers; this made the process very…

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