Cis 210 Case Study 2 Essay

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Case Study 2
CIS 210
Professor: Gerry Waldrop
Strayer University
Eric Bracken

Our client has requested a payroll management system for the entire organization. This organization has several branch offices spread across the U.S. that are connected through a Wide Area Network. The preceding information is an explanation of the architecture for the new payroll application. In addition to a diagram illustrating the new application, the types of technology for our architecture and the ethical concerns presented by it are also included.

The client currently has a large data center and several branch offices in place. The new system is designed to utilize the existing infrastructure and platform for an easier integration.
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Adding this additional layer to the system will help to increase the processing speed of requests and balance the load on the servers if we utilize multiple systems for scalability. This layer could also help to support the processing of any historical data stored in formats not understood by the new system in the forms of scripts or other middle ware components.

The architecture includes a centralized DBMS at the data center. This will comprise of a 2 node SQL cluster for high availability that’s already used for other HR Management systems. It will also include two application servers, one main server and an additional backup server but running in active/active mode. We are also utilizing the existing ERP defined backup strategy and using a third party cloud service for additional backup of critical data in the case of a disaster. A centralized DBMS is easier to administer and secure. The largest downfall is that a centralized DBMS offers a few points in which the transaction can fail. If the WAN link were severed or something wrong in the data center the service would be unavailable. However, the business strategy is aligned to, and proved that centralizing for them, makes sense, and provides cost savings and a more reliable service.

A potential ethics issue with this design would be security, specifically around the user’s data. In this architecture we maintain proxy servers at branch office and at the data center. Proxy servers not

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