Essay about Cinderell The Fairy Tale

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The fairy tale I chose to write about was Cinderella, but instead of being told in Cinderella’s point of view I chose to write it in the evil step mothers point of view. I chose to write about Cinderella because when I was growing up I was a huge Disney fan, I still am, and Cinderella was one of my favorites, The Disney version is a little different than Perrault’s version and a lot different than the Grimm Brothers version. I chose to base my fairy tale off of Perrault’s version. In the French version, it is more like the Disney Cinderella and is not as gruesome as the Grimm Brothers. I feel like I knew more about Perrault’s Cinderella and could relate more to it. I brought my version of Cinderella into the modern days of the United States by using items that Americans can not go a day without. Also, I used local places when talking about the setting. At the beginning of my fairy tale, the step mom is sitting at a popular martini restaurant that is located in downtown Fort Wayne, IN. While in the bar, she meets the guy who later on becomes her husband. I feel like that happens more and more now days. Couples meet at public places as in a popular nightclubs or at a bar. The father introduces himself or I should say, gets the ladies attention by buying her a drink which is very common in bars. Next, I used a short engagement in my story. Only after knowing each other for a couple months, the couple decides to get married. The last five-ten years, engagements…

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